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5 Tips pn how to choose your food


1 Start cooking often
Get rid of the feeling of hunger by setting your own snacks and meals. Learn how to make vegetable omelettes, bean beans, or a group of spaghetti. Prepare your own food so you can prepare healthy meals and snacks. Microwave freezing is not home cooking.

2 Keep the water handy
Water is a better option than many other drink options. Keep a bottle of water in your backpack and desk to satisfy your thirst. Skip soda, fruit drinks, energy, and sports drinks. It is sweetened with sugar and contains a few nutrients.

3 Are you always hungry?
Whole grains that provide fiber can give you a feeling of fullness and the availability of essential nutrients. Choose half of your cereals and whole grains. Eat whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice instead of white bread, rice, or other refined grains. Also, choose vegetables and fruits when you need to “fill”.

4 Beat the idea of ​​magic foods
There are no magic foods to eat for good health. Young teens need to eat foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein foods, and lean or low-fat foods. Choose protein foods like unsalted nuts, beans, lean meats and fish. SuperTracker will show whether you are getting the nutrients you need to grow.

5 Make a list of your favorite foods
Like green apple more than red apple? Ask the family food shopper to buy fast-food foods in the fridge such as small carrots, apples, oranges, low-fat cheese slices or yogurt. Also try dried fruits. Unsalted nuts. Bread, whole grains, cereal and biscuit. And popcorn.