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What should you eat more of?

Watch your part sizes. This is especially important when eating healthy foods because we often like to think that if there is something healthy, we can eat as much as we want.

Beware of oversized panels. Use a salad bowl instead of a dinner bowl. When you do what’s on your plate, pause and feel full before you go for seconds.

Huge quantities in restaurants. When you eat delicious food, order appetizers as a key ingredient in your order in a ready-made bag before you share or share a friend with a friend.

Avoid the impact of a healthy food aura. Gluten-free biscuits and potatoes still contain carbohydrates, cookie cookies still cakes, while coconut sugar, raw cane sugar and raw natural sweeteners are still sugar. These foods may seem healthier “than their usual counterparts (and they may be) but they are still treated.

Remember that you are unique. There is no dining plan or method that benefits everyone. You have to find what foods work for your body through trial and error. As a healthy trainer, I can teach you about healthy foods, and be treated, but you just really feel what certain foods do to your body.

be cerfull. In today’s society, we focus on multitasking, so almost everyone eats while doing other things – driving, walking, talking, watching TV, looking at their phone, on the computer, etc. This is not a good thing!

Manage your time and plan ahead so that you can sit and eat your food without doing anything else. It’s amazing what a present can do – you will probably find that you are sure how satisfied you are, that you are more comfortable after a meal, and that you will likely eat less than if you were upset.

Treat yourself. As I always say, eating healthy should be a way of life … that involves moderation and balance. Healthy eating can (and should) include your favorite foods from time to time – wine, chocolate, and cookies – whether they are the foods you absolutely love, you simply cannot stop eating them or you will feel deprived and deprivation will never be a good thing.