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5 Things to change around for a better diet

Rewrite the kids list. Who says kids just want to eat hot dogs, pizza, burgers and pasta anyou willing to give it a try. You can start by letting them try a little of everything they requested or requesting an appetizer for them to try.

Drink a calorie count. Soda and other sweetened drinks add extra calories and hinder good nutrition. Water and milk are the best drinks for children. Juice is good but kids don’t need much of it – 4 to 6 ounces a day is enough for preschoolers.

Put the sweets in place. Sweets from time to time are fine, but dessert does not transform into the main reason. When dessert is the prize for dinner, children naturally place more value on cupcakes than broccoli. Try to stay neutral towards foods.

Food is not love. Find better ways to say “I love you.” When using foods to reward children and show affection, they may start using food to overcome stress or other emotions. Offer hugs, praise and attention instead of eating.
The kids do as they do. Be humble on your own. When trying to teach good eating habits, try to give the best possible example. Choose nutritious snacks, eat on the table, and skip meals.
Reducing TV and computer time. When you do this, you will avoid reckless snacks and encourage activity. Research has shown that children who reduce TV viewing rate have body fat. When TV and computer time is limited, they’ll find more active things to do. Setting “screen time” means that you will have more time to be active together.