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4 Food you should stop eatiing

1. hydrogenated vegetable oil
Hydrogenated vegetable oil is more a scientific experiment than food, in my opinion. The process of adding a hydrogen molecule to monounsaturated and unsaturated oils requires a laundry list of chemicals, heavy metals, heat, and processes that make the oil unrecognized well and toxic to your cells.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils don’t get worse off the shelf – and the fact that they don’t naturally degrade means your body will have trouble breaking them down. Don’t be fooled – these foods are not heart healthy. Avoid them at all costs.

Alternatives: Eat oils such as coconut oils, cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil (from Greece or Italy, to make sure that it does not have other oils added to it) and even herbal nutritious butter is better for your body because it can be recognized as food.

2. Treated vegetable oil
Mono-poly and polyunsaturated fats such as corn oils, canola, and vegetables contain carbon molecules that do not have a hydrogen atom bound to them. This makes it readily available to interact with other molecules in the environment such as free radicals, light, heat, and air. These oils are essentially soaked at the time when they collide with the shelves because they are vulnerable to breakage – the process of extracting them from the plants and inserting them into the bottle is basically impossible without causing damage. The smell of these oils is chemically removed and treated so that they do not smell or look fake but they are.

Alternatives: Use naturally saturated oils such as coconut and cocoa butter, or use whole forms of fat like nuts, seeds, walnut butter, seeds, avocado, and olives. Trust me, you will get used to a life without liquid oil!

3. Traditional dairy products
Conventional dairy cows are artificially impregnated for years at a time, in order to get them to produce milk – they are mammals like humans, which means they produce milk only when they have a calf to feed them. It is pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and other medicines to maintain milk supplies and to help combat diseases and infections that are subject to their conditions.

Conventional dairy is also very acidic to the body, due to the treatment being made to be “safe” for consumption. This acidic nature of milk means that it really steals calcium and other alkaline minerals from your body, because your body must remain alkaline. When eating acidic foods, your body draws on alkaline solutions in your bones and teeth to neutralize the acid – leading to a net loss of calcium for your body. All in all, the milk does not work well in its current state.

Alternatives: Go for formula milk like almonds, coconuts, organic goat milk and even organic cow milk – just be sure to go to the farm and find out exactly how the cows are fed and treated.

4. White flour
White flour is nutritionally completely empty – even if enriched. White flour processing means that the germ and bran have been removed, and all that’s left is the endosperm. Nutrient-rich oils are in the bran, and most vitamins and minerals are in the germ. When these two things are dealt with, leave nothing but starch.

This starch is then bleached, and this reduces its nutritional status. In the end, you have a substance that turns into a paper paste in your body, which is very acidic and provides no nourishment to your body. The body does not use artificial vitamins that have been added back to efficiently enriched flour like vitamins and natural minerals that would have been present in the plant had it not been treated at all.

Alternatives: whole grains! Go for whole wheat, written, rye and oats. You may even want to try pop-up products, and gluten-free products – just make sure your gluten-free products aren’t completely processed and filled with refined grains.