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6 Foods that are really bad for you

1. “Low-fat” processed foods
Whenever you see the words “low-fat” or “fat-free” on processed or canned foods (this does not include naturally low-fat foods such as fruits and vegetables) you can assume that the foods in question contain a large number of chemicals, additives and preservatives and have been During several stages of treatment. These foods cannot be recognized primarily as food by your body, and will not help you provide you with a low waist. What they will do is force your body to work over time to process the chemicals and look for a little nourishment that might be left inside this element. At the end of the day, these products do not deserve your body.

Alternatives: Again, go for full foods. If you want to reduce your fat intake, start eating more foods that contain less natural fat like whole fruits and vegetables. Or simply eat naturally occurring fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut because your body will recognize these fats and use them to create a healthy body.

Aspartame is a known neurotoxin. This means that it literally poisons your mind when you consume it. When the heat breaks down it becomes more toxic than ever, and most of the ingredients containing aspartame are heated through improper cooking or storage. It is hidden in a wide variety of foods – especially anything called “sugar-free.” Aspartame can build up in your body and cause damage over time. Long and short of it, do not eat aspartame.

Alternatives: natural sweeteners! Use naturally sweetened foods with fruits, maple syrup, dates and coconut sugar.

3. Processed Daily Meat / Hot Dog
Processed meats are not really meat. It is meat in the sense that it contains meat as an ingredient, but it is also loaded with non-meat objects. Sodium levels of delicious foods and other processed meat products are high, and that’s not good for your heart. It is also full of chemicals that cause chaos in your health. Nitrates are among the crazy chemicals hidden in these popular slides and are carcinogens. The bottom line is that if you are going to eat meat, use the meat 100% – not a group of meats, meat-like ingredients, and ingredients that are unlike meat at all.

Alternatives: Going for Real Things! If you include meat in your diet, look for a natural organic / nutritional food subject to genetically modified organisms treated with love and respect.

4 .. pop soda
For me, soda is liquid poison. It mostly consists of chemicals formed in the laboratory and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which we know are empty calories – this means it provides calories with no nutrition. The sugar content in soda, with a lack of fiber that would usually slow the release of sugars into the bloodstream – will cause a significant rise in blood sugar levels. This forces the liver and pancreas to work harder to transfer these sugars from the bloodstream to your cells.

You will then experience a very low blood sugar, which may give you a feeling of headache, feel dizzy or nauseous, and will make you crave another concentrated blow of sugar.

Soda is very acidic, which means your body must rely on the stores of alkaline minerals in your bones and teeth to keep the alkaline pH slightly in your blood. Sugar-free soft drinks are no better – industrial sugars in calorie-soft drinks are really stimulating your mind to search for sugar, which means you will end up eating more food throughout the day than you would if you had regular soda with Regular sugar.

Alternatives: Go for a naturally brewed tea drink if you crave something strange. Tea, fresh juices and water will also help moisturize the body.

5. Deep fried foods
The oils that are heated to the temperatures needed for frying are essentially rancid oils. High temperature changes its chemical composition and deformation. Combine this with protein clotting and change the nature of the nutrients that are already fried, and you have a food-like substance that actually steals nutrients from your body rather than providing them. Frankly fried foods should never be consumed. Fried foods contain fats known as unsaturated fatty acids, which we now understand are the fats most dangerous to your health. These fats are oxidized fats that literally cause cell damage, and fats that lead to heart disease.

Alternatives: bake potato chips and French fries. Bake, steal, steam or grease the meat. Frying pan instead of deep frying. Use stable fats such as coconut oil if you are going to cook in high heat. Just do not deep fry.

6. Genetically modified corn
Three things you need to know: 1) Corn is actually a bean, not a vegetable. 2) Humans do not already have the digestive enzymes necessary to completely break down the atom, which means that it often passes through the digestive system unchanged. 3) The GMO atom has been changed at the cellular level to contain pesticides – which means that