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7 Reasons why figs are really good for you

Reduces constipation
Fig is a good source of fiber and many other nutrients. One of the most beneficial benefits for a nutrition-rich fig is the method that can help relieve constipation. A 2011 study in the Journal of the Animal Research Laboratory conducted the effects of fig paste on constipation caused by diet in beagle.  The paper concluded that fig paste is an effective treatment for constipation in these animals, and can also be used as a complementary drug in people with chronic constipation. Fig bars are also recommended when dealing with constipation. [8]

Treat heaps
If you have piles, then a popular home remedy is to soak dried figs soaked in water overnight, and eat fruits with water in the morning. This has a laxative effect and helps reduce pressure on the anus, thereby helping to calm hemorrhoids. According to a report published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2013, it has been traditionally used for its laxative, anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lower cholesterol levels
Fig contains pectin, which is a soluble fiber that stimulates healthy bowel movement. It can have a laxative effect, as mentioned because it is one of the most dense foods with available fiber. As the fibers move through the digestive system, it cleans out the excess cholesterol blocks and transports them to the body’s excretory system for disposal. According to studies on pectin, it is also associated with lowering cholesterol levels and anti-cancer activities. [10] Reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
Fig is one of the best fruits when it comes to relieving neuritis. An animal study revealed that the fruit is able to reduce inflammatory cytokines during aging. [11] In other words, it has a beneficial effect on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

Provides relief from venereal diseases
Fig is traditionally used in the Indian subcontinent and some other parts of the world as a soothing ointment for venereal diseases. Eating or topical application of these fruits provides relief from STDs, although more research is needed on the exact range of symptoms and diseases that this fruit positively affects.

Preventing loss of calcium in the urine
People on a high-sodium diet may be affected by an increased loss of calcium in the urine. [12] The higher potassium content in figs avoids this condition and regulates waste content in urine, according to the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. It reduces calcium loss while also increasing the amount of uric acid and other harmful toxins from the body.

Preventing macular degeneration
The main cause of blindness in the elderly is macular degeneration. This membership is good at helping you avoid this common occurrence of aging.

Reducing throat pain
The high gum content of figs helps to heal and protect sore throats. The soothing nature of these fruits and their natural juices can relieve pain and stress on the vocal cords as well.