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7 Reasons why you should consider going vegan

1. Your planet needs to be transformed into vegetative plants. It is impossible to escape from the fact that we humans need to make some big changes now. One of the biggest ways you can help get rid of some of the damage to the earth is to switch to a vegetarian diet. A recent report from the charitable animal welfare Viva! ( describes how the production of meat and dairy products has a catastrophic impact on biodiversity through overgrazing, deforestation, land degradation and desertification – both driven by the expansion of livestock and the intensive production of animal feed. Nine people in the world are malnourished, but we feed a third of our global crop of livestock. Growing food for human consumption, without first feeding it to animals, can feed an additional four billion people. Are you ready to switch yet?

2. It is not difficult to think that you should consider following them in thinking. Over the past year, plant life has become prevalent and department stores have quickly dealt with this, with new products being released every week. Now it is easier than ever to change your diet, and although ready-made meals and processed meat substitutes are not ideal for daily consumption, they are a wonderful “transitional” food while learning how to cook vegetarian meals from scratch. Check out our guide in the Simply Vegan magazine for “What We Eat Every Day” guide and make a shopping list of staple foods like nut butter, pasta, and beans along with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Add lots of herbs and spices to get the flavor and try 3 beans, beans, potatoes, spinach, apple salad, and nuts. Take it slowly and go easy – if you land, it doesn’t matter!

3. The Right Choices You Should Go If you are a vegetarian or “stenographer”, you may feel that you are already doing enough to make a positive impact on your health. But did you know that vegetarians are on average 20 pounds lighter than those eating meat * and again and again, major studies have found that those who eat a vegetarian diet live longer? Dairy is also rich in growth hormones – yes, it’s intended for baby cows, not us! It has been linked to acne, asthma, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. The industry is also rife with cruelty – learn how to really make your own cheese at

4. For centuries to become wild plants, we have been conditioned to think of dogs and cats as pets, pigs, cows, and sheep as food. But farm animals are very smart, with the ability to feel emotions, recognize faces and make friends. If you are considering or new to botanical nature, films like Cowspiracy, Dominion, 73 Cows, Live and Let Live offer insight. In the agricultural industry and a new perspective on how we consider animals and goods. Once you see the light, you will never look back!

5. Be one of the reasons why you become a vegetarian, don’t sit back and wait for someone else to save the world – start making changes and watching other people take inspiration from your actions! Educate yourself as possible and avoid engaging in discussions and arguments, but rather set an example. A vegetarian Google can seem difficult at first, but thinking about it as a positive change and an exciting new way to eat, rather than on a diet that requires you to “drop things”

0.6. More than just a diet to get rid of vegetables, eating vegetables is not about getting rid of meat, fish, eggs, honey and dairy products. It’s also the perfect time to reevaluate your wardrobe, beauty routine and even your entire way of living! Start choosing ethical, cruelty-free alternatives to leather, under (feathers), wool, silk, and transform into eco-friendly beauty products “that have been tested on animals. It’s also your chance to reevaluate your use of removable plastics. Find out how you can make your bathroom waste no time here.

7. Reduce your diet to be full of trillions to become vegan In spite of the prevailing opinion, eating vegan will not be expensive! In fact, if you stop buying expensive meat and seafood products, you’ll actually save money! If you have a limited budget, buy vegetables from the local market, buy nuts and seeds in bulk, and store frozen fruits such as berries and berries for use in juices and sweets. Avoid “alternative” products that can increase your food bill and cook from scratch as possible.