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What Will Happen to You if You Eat only 2 Bananas a Day

You might think that healthy food is not type of food that will be tasty but with bananas you’ll have to think again, bananas have a lot of benefits to your body and today we will share with you their benefits and also tell you how tasty they are and how they can improve your life even if you eat only 2 bananas a day


1 – Bananas are really good for your gut

Bananas are easily digested and don’t irritate the gastro-intestinal tract. Resistant starch contained in bananas is not digested and ends up in the large intestine where it serves as an effective nutritional medium for healthy bacteria.

One banana  also contain 4 grams of fibers and that’s about 12% of you daily intake!

2 – Bananas are a great way to lose weight

no food will take away the hunger after you skip a whole meal, however eating a banana as a part of your diet would definitely curb your cravings, all thanks to a type of fiber called resistant starch which helps people eat less calories and manage their appetite
bananas only have 100 calories so there’s no need to feel guilty about adding one to you breakfast peanut butter sandwich or post dinner yogurt


3 – Bananas are great for your heart

Bananas reduce high blood pressure thanks to the fact that they contain around 420 mg of potassium.

bananas contain a big amount of potassium that is a very important mineral for your heart, Research shows that consuming a lot of potassium does significantly lower your blood pressure levels and also lowers the risk of a stroke

4 – Bananas give you LOTS of energy

bananas have balance level f sugar and fibers which provide your body with a stable energy release, that is why athletes eat bananas before working out.

but don’t worry it’s not just for athletes, you can also get the same amount of energy after eating only one banana, which is better than a cup of coffee, chocolate bar or any other junk food.

so you get healthy energy with no downsides plus the natural sweetness of a banana can satisfy your sweet tooth.